Nikkei Industry Co., Ltd.: Design and manufacture of dies &molds used for the automotive and industrial vehicle industries. Metris' non-contact measurement systems introduced.


In Nikkei Industry Co., Ltd., we design and manufacture castings dies and molds for the automotive and industrial vehicle industries and also dies and molds in a wide variety of fields.
We offer solid reliability for various customer needs such as quality, lead time and cost.

Utilizing IT devices and various software, we are stepping up our efforts in order to make designs that please our customers.

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We have set up a system that reduces the cost and lead time overwhelmingly through 2-machine system and concurrent parallel machining.

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We are striving toward a prosperous and healthy society through corporate activities.

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Using the strengths of "non-contact laser probes," we are now able to "measure continuous configurations for a wide range of free-form aspects" and do "high speed and ultra-precise measuring."

We have established a quality assurance system with double and re-doubling checks, beginning with "understanding the specification" at the outset through the "pre-shipment final inspection" stage at the end.

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Recent news

We have introduced a Metris non-contact measuring system!
☆ In our company recently, customers with even higher level demands require quality assurance support and have problems using conventional "contact probe methods":

○ I would like put into practice CAE with reverse engineering.
○ I would like to digitize through non-contact and acquire the configuration.

…and in order to respond to such requests, we have substituted the "contact probe method coordinate measuring machine" with the "non-contact laser coordinate measuring machine."
☆ In addition, by introducing this "non-contact laser coordinate measuring machine" we can compare and contrast 3D model data and a wide range of configurations for dies, molds and castings, and it makes it easier to determine the margin of error for a given cross-section.
☆ If you have any requests for exact measuring on configurations with complex aspects for dies, molds and castings, or for precise scribers on castings, please contact us.

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