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Environmental Policy [Eco Stage 1 certified!]

Basic philosophy

Nikkei Industry Co., Ltd. has established the following key principles as a goal in order to strive toward a prosperous and healthy society through corporate activities based on the basic philosophy: "Contribute to the development of our business base and to the global environment through activities that reduce environmental burden."

Key principles

[1] Gain a firm understanding of the environmental impact that our business activities, office work activities and our products have, and implement the following environmental management activities that are suitable for our company.
(1)Strive for a re-energizing corporate culture by carrying out employee training and improvement proposal activities, etc.
(2)Promote a reduction in the environmental burden by reducing the usage of chemicals as well as utilize alternate materials.
(3)Promote a reduction of waste materials through activities that promote recycling and that reduce defective materials.
(4)Standardize and equalize work and preventive maintenance for the equipment, and promote energy-saving.
(5)Promote resource-saving by reducing inventory and implementing resource-saving designs.
[2] Set environmental goals and targets, review their appropriateness each year as well as continually improve the environmental management system. Strive toward creating a safe environment and taking steps for pollution prevention.
[3] Strictly adhere to the laws, agreements and other requirements concerning the environment.
[4] All employees shall understand the environmental management policy and environmental training shall be implemented to be able to conduct activities based on this policy.
[5] Actively participate in local community activities and cultivate relations with the surrounding area.
[6] All employees shall be well informed about this policy, and it shall be publicized externally as well.
March 2, 2006
Nikkei Industry Co., Ltd.
Takanori Watanabe, President &Representative Director

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