Nikkei Industry Co., Ltd.: Design and manufacture of dies &molds used for the automotive and industrial vehicle industries. Metris' non-contact measurement systems introduced.


Design &Modeling

Combining the latest IT resources and original technology know-how

The "Design &Modeling" department determines the overall quality and costs for the dies and molds. In other words, it is the heart of the die and mold processing.
Utilizing IT devices and various software set up in the specialized design and modeling room, we are stepping up our efforts in order to make designs that please our customers.

Key features for design &modeling

We customize the various types of data accumulated over many years and we standardize the design work using features that are shared between projects. As a result, we are able to reduce the man-hours per project.
Through mentoring provided by veteran leaders who have blazed down this path with many years of experience and through on-the-job training, we strive towards cultivating our new employees in order to pass on our design technology.
For our experienced female workers who take leave due to marriage, etc., we are making arrangements to loan them IT equipment and to enable them continue to work from home and "telecommute."

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