Nikkei Industry Co., Ltd.: Design and manufacture of dies &molds used for the automotive and industrial vehicle industries. Metris' non-contact measurement systems introduced.


Die &Mold Manufacture Flow

We manufacture high quality dies and molds using a reliable flow

We believe that in order to satisfy our customers, more than anything, it is essential to fully understand the specification and customer requests without missing anything. As a result, we also use checklists, etc., to ensure we understand all details.

Since determining the die and mold quality, cost, and lead time is a vital process, our well-versed veteran designer shall head each project. In addition, the designer and different staff conduct a drawing check, as we strive to ensure that there is no mistake whatsoever at the design drawing stage.
Please refer to the Design &Modeling page as well.

Using the design drawing as a base, we digitize the data for the processing site taking into account both the machining efficiency and quality, and send the data to a 15 unit MC, etc.

We support all types of requests for machining with a 15 unit vertical and horizontal MC as the core, and CNC jig borers, milling machines and NC electrical discharge machines, etc. Furthermore, we also significantly reduce lead times through concurrent parallel machining with identical dies and molds.
Please refer to the Manufacturing page and Equipment Overview page as well.

We strive to offer a perfect dimension warranty. Utilizing our own unique "3D surface measuring," we takes measurements with a coordinate measuring machine for finished dies and molds that have free-form surface configurations. We then compare the 3D surface model values and the actual measurement values. And based on the tolerance information, we conduct an assessment if it passes or not.
Please refer to the Quality Assurance System page as well.

Once we conduct a final check inspection using the specification provided at the time of the purchase order and the customer-specific inspection specification, we then ship the product.

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