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Quality Assurance System

A total quality assurance system

Under our maxim: "We shall never inconvenience the customer with a die and mold return due to poor quality"…We have established a quality assurance system with double and re-doubling checks, beginning with "understanding the specification" at the outset through the "pre-shipment final inspection" stage at the end.
Our motto since the founding of our company has been "Quality is number one." Going forward, we shall continue to work very hard to maintain and even improve upon that quality.

Contact 3D surface measuring

Key features of our quality assurance

We use a checklist, etc., at the time of the purchase order, and we make sure that we thoroughly go through and understand the customer's specification and requests. Then during the final inspection, we check again to make sure all points are reflected in the product.
In the 3D Modeling department, we assign a special "final checker" that is separate from the modeler, as we strive to stamp out any errors at the modeling stage.
For die and mold configuration (cavity), we guarantee an accurate configuration by conducting "3D surface measuring" using coordinate measuring machines for everything in order to ensure the 3D surface model and the carved up die and mold are identical. Link for non-contact here.
In the pre-shipment final check inspection, we conduct an inspection based on the "inspection specification" unique to each customer and the "purchase order specification &customer request form." We then offer a guarantee for this with a "Certificate of inspection."

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