Nikkei Industry Co., Ltd.: Design and manufacture of dies &molds used for the automotive and industrial vehicle industries. Metris' non-contact measurement systems introduced.



Manufacturing system with cost and lead time reduction

In addition to quality, lead time and cost are also important factors in the manufacturing of dies and molds.
As a result, we have set up a 15 unit machining center (M/C), and with a 1 Man – 2 Machine system as a base, we are able to reduce costs. In addition, we have set up a system that reduces, as necessary, the processing time (lead time) overwhelmingly through the "concurrent parallel machining" of multiple components for the same die and mold.

Key features of our manufacturing department

We also have a special graphite processing machine and an electrical discharge machine included in our system that can handle most requests.
Using a die spotting press to match the mold, we have standardized and streamlined our work flow process.
Now we are also continuing to make additions with the latest equipment such as introducing a CNC jig borer with high performance and high speed machining options.
Using this CNC jig borer, we have been taking steps toward the commercial viability of "small-diameter, high speed direct carving" of super-hard products. Anticipating future demands such as these, we are also striving to develop new technology.

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