Nikkei Industry Co., Ltd.: Design and manufacture of dies &molds used for the automotive and industrial vehicle industries. Metris' non-contact measurement systems introduced.


Quality Assurance Non-Contact

Measuring high level configurations and comparing the data

Using the strengths of "non-contact laser probes," we are now able to "measure continuous configurations for a wide range of free-form aspects" and do "high speed and ultra-precise measuring." Through this, we can compare and contrast 3D model data and a wide range of configurations for dies, molds and castings that are difficult with conventional "contact probes," and it makes it easier to determine the margin of error for a given cross-section. Regarding the evaluation, it is possible to match the best fit and standard.

Key features of our non-contact coordinate measuring machine

The recently installed "non-contact laser supporting coordinate measuring machine" is made up of the following devices.

Coordinate measuring machine

Mitutoyo high speed drive, high stiffness, ultra-precise CNC "Crysta-Apex 121210"

Measuring probe

Metris laser probe "LC100"

Data analysis software

"Rapidform XOV" that assesses by comparing point cloud data for points measured and the 3D CAD model

Reverse engineering software

The latest "Rapidform XOR" that converts point cloud data into a high definition surface model

By pairing these device types with well-experienced measurement engineers, we set up a system that can support your requests such as "I would like to digitize through non-contact and acquire the configuration" or "I would like put into practice CAE with reverse engineering," etc.

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