Nikkei Industry Co., Ltd.: Design and manufacture of dies &molds used for the automotive and industrial vehicle industries. Metris' non-contact measurement systems introduced.


Company History

Company overview (As of June 2008)

Mar. 1966 Kazuo Watanabe began wooden die and mold manufacturing in the town of Aoki in Kawaguchi under the name "Watanabe Kigata Seisakusho Ltd."
Jun. 1968 Built new 140 m2 factory in the town of Minami in Hatogaya and began die and mold production.
Sep. 1968 Received die and mold orders from Nissan Diesel Motor ( Ltd.) and began production.
Nov. 1969 Renamed the company "Nikkei Industry Ltd."
Mar. 1971 Constructed a special 242 m2 die and mold factory, and strengthened its equipment and resources.
Apr. 1971 Acquired a 760 m2 factory site inside Kazo Industrial Park, in Saitama-ken.
Sep. 1982 Completed Kazo Factory (530 m2) in the aforementioned park.
Sep. 1983 Renamed the company "Nikkei Industry Co., Ltd."
May 1988 Acquired and built up Kazo Factory with the latest equipment.
Jul. 1990 Rebuilt Factory Headquarters.
Jul. 1990 Introduce large size machine tools, etc., (Machining Center) to Factory Headquarters.
Apr. 1992 Introduced 2 3D CAD/CAM sets.
Jul. 2000 Completed construction of new premises for current Headquarters (Factory 837 m2 &office building 340 m2) in the town of Minami in Hatogaya.
Started operation of latest equipment, 10 CAD/CAM sets and 12 M/C units.
Aug. 2000 Closed down Kazo Factory. Headquarters changed location, and employees from Kazo and former Headquarters were consolidated into the new premises.
Oct. 2001 Set up Quality Assurance department. Using 3D data, began surface measuring and off-line teaching.
Mar. 2002 Set up and reinforced necessary CAD/CAM personnel.
Jan. 2003 Kazuo Watanabe became chairman of board and Takanori Watanabe was appointed president.
Nov. 2005 Kicked-off "Eco Stage 1 (Environmental Management)."
Dec. 2005 Set up Yasda Precision Tools vertical CNC jig borer, and made advances in the processing field of super-hard, high speed carving.
Aug. 2006 Expanded the factory on the north-side.
Sep. 2006 Acquired "Eco Stage 1 (Environmental Management)" certification.
Mar. 2008 Introduced Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machine and Metris (Non-contact measuring probe).
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